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History of Bratislava

5000 BC (Neolithic): People of the Linear Ceramics Culture build the 1st archeologically proven settlement of the territory
400 - 50 BC: The Celtic tribes of the Boi build Oppidum, the fortified town with a mint
1st-5th centuries: The Romans - the territory of Bratislava is the part of Limes Romanum, the system of fortified settlements protecting the Roman Empire from the Barbarian attacks
4th-6th centuries: Migration period in Europe
623 - 658: Samo's Empire - the 1st supra-tribal union of the Slavs under the rule of Samo, the Frankish merchant
833 - 907: Great Moravia period - Bratislava is the important citadel of this Slavic Empire
895-896: Empire defeated by the Hungarian - the territory is integrated into Hungary for more than a millennium
10th - 13th centuries: Market Settlement under Bratislava (Pozsony, Pressburg) Castle grows - the future centre of Bratislava becomes an important settlement
1291: Bratislava/Pozsony is granted city privileges
1405: King Sigismund declares Bratislava to be free royal town
1440 - 1443: Fights for the throne between the Castle and the city under it
1465: King Mathias Corvinus founds Academia Istropolitana, the first university in Hungary
1526: The tragic Battle of Mohács - the Hungarian Kingdom with Bratislava as its important centre is integrated into the Habsburg Monarchy
1536: The Turks rule the great part of Hungary including Buda, Pozsony becomes the capital of the country
1563: Bratislava is coronation town for Hungarian Emperors, 11 kings and 8 queens are crowned in the St. Martin's Cathedral until 1830
1590: A fire destroys a large part of the city
17th century: Bratislava witnessed several anti-Habsburg uprisings by Hungarian estates, Fights with the Turks continue, Floods, plagues and other disasters trouble the city
1762: 6-years old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gives a concert in Bratislava
1784: Central Hungarian authorities are moved back to present-day Budapest, the glory of Bratislava starts to fade
1805: Peace of Pressburg - treaty between Austria and France after Napoleon's victory in the Battle of Austerlitz is signed in Bratislava Archbishop's Palace
1809: Napoleon's army attacks the city once again
1811: Fire by the soldiers protecting Bratislava against Napoleon's troops destroys the Castle and the great part of city
Late in the 19th century: Modernization of the city (new bridge over the Danube, water supply system, electrical lighting are telephone network, trams, the new theatre, etc.)
1918: Territory of future Slovakia is integrated in the new Czechoslovak Republic after the WWII
1936: The Slovaks declare the independent Slovak state as a puppet to Nazi Germany
1945: "Liberation" by the Soviet Army, Slovakia becomes the part of the Czechoslovak Republic again
1948: Communists win the elections - the 40-year long dictatorship starts
1968: Prague Spring, the political liberalization process comes to an end when Russians and their allies invade the country
1989: The so-called Velvet Revolution brings the fall of the Communist Regime
1993: Slovakia becomes an independent state with Bratislava as the capital
2004: Slovakia joins EU

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