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Travel to Bratislava

Bratislava is in Central Europe, no distance to Vienna (60 km), Budapest (200 km) and Prague (300 km). You can fly, arrive by boat, drive a car or getting on bus of a train, to come to Bratislava is quick and easy. Bratislava is the gateway to other parts of the country.

Travel by plane
There are a lot of national and international airlines connected with Bratislava Airport (BTS), 9-12 km from city center. To get to the center you may take the bus (trip length - 30 min.) or taxi (15 min.) You can also choose Schwechat airport in Vienna witch is about 45 km from Bratislava and regular bus connections shuttle between the two towns several times a day (list of national airlines) (list of international airlines).

Rail Transportation
Bratislava is an international railway junction between the neighbour countries and it is part of the European rail corridors as well. There are direct international connections to Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, Moscow, Kiev and Prague. Bratislava is the perfect starting point to continue your trip to other towns and villages using Slovak railways. Two main railway lines have been built - the north line and the south line. The north line connects Bratislava with Kosice through the High Tatra Mountains, the south line goes through the towns of Zvolen and Banska Bystrica.

Road Transportation
Bratislava is connected to the surrounding capitals by international traffic routes and motorways. To use the highways and expressways you have to pay tolls. The stickers are valid for one year/one month or one week. 24-hour stickers can be purchased for vehicles over 3.5 tons. Presumably you will not find a major traffic jam in Bratislava, you can make your way right to the city centre and just park your car at any of the many car parks.

Speed limits:
60km/h in town
90km/h outside of town
130km/h on motorways and motorway-type roads.

There is a fairly dense inter-city bus network. The EUROLINES international network allows travel to many European destinations If you want to continue your trip from Bratislava by bus to other places in Slovakia, your bus will leave from the main bus station, which you can find in the outer centre. Regular international and long-distance bus connections are operated by the company SAD.
www.vlaky.sk , www.sad-kds.sk , www.eurolines.sk

Water Transportation
The Danube River is significant for over-water passenger and freight transportation. Probably the nicest way to arrive in Bratislava is by way of the River Danube. The Danube is the most important river transportation artery - it connects Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Thanks to the Danube-Rhine-Mohan canal, it connects the North Sea with the Black Sea. Between April and September boats leave to Vienna and Budapest more times a day from the hydrofoil terminal (Fajnorovo nábrezvie 2). www.lod.sk

National airlines:
Slovak Airlines (9S)
Tel.:+421-2-4870 4870-2, 4445 0990, 4870 4111, Fax: +421-2-4870 4875
E-mail: sales.bratislava@sll.sk, www.slovakairlines.sk

Air Slovakia (GM)
Tel./fax:+421-2-4342 2742, 4342 2744, e-mail: airslovakia@airslovakia.sk, www.airslovakia.sk

International airlines: Aeroflot  www.aeroflot.org
Air Ukraine  www.ukraine-international.com
Czech Airlines  www.csa.cz
Tunis Air  www.tunisair.com.tn
Tyrolean Airways  www.tyrolean.at
Lufthansa  www.lufthansa.com
Easy Jet  www.easyjet.com
Austrian Airlines www.aua.com
Ryanair  www.ryanair.com
Aeromost Kharkov www.aeromost.com

Low cost airline:
SkyEurope airline

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